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Dolpo Trek (Ba yul-The hidden Shangri-La)

The dolpo opened to trerkking in 1989, the Dolpo region is hard to match for its pristine beauty and rugged charm Lying in the rain shadow area of the himalaya, The landscape resembles that of the tibetan plaeteau instead of the Lush, green monsoon watered hills elsewhere in Nepal, at comparative altitudes.

Possible the last sanctuarary of Bon Po, a Shamanistic religion that pre-dates Buddhism, the home of rare himalaya animals like shy Snow Leopard, Tibetan Hare and the himalayan Weasel it falls within the Shey-Phoksundo, the blue lake, and the ancient monasteries in the villages around it rare the local Point of the trip, with the kanjiroba himal providing a panoramic backdrop.

Trekking Area: mid - western Nepal
Trekking Grade: Strenuous
Trekking type: fully camping
Trekking duration: 18-21 days
Group size: Minimum 4 person
Price: on request

Outline itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 3: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj
Day 4: Nepalgunj - Jufal - Dunai (Trek Jufal to dunai lunch at Dunai). Visit central Gumba and local culture.
Day 5: Dunai - Tarabagar (6 hours walk) Lunch at Byasgar on the way sightseeing and experiencing local culture.
Day 6: Tarabager - Lasicap (3 to 4 hours walk) walk to Sahartara hospital, visit to Tika Gumba constructed by the king of Jumla before the unification of Nepal.
Day 7: Lasicap - Chyur (8 hours walk) Lunch at Lahini.
Day 8: Chyur - Kalang bridge (6 hours walk) Lunch at Nawarpani. Sightseeing along Dhotarap river.
Day 9: Kalang bridge - Dho (3 hours walk) Lunch at Dho. Visit to sipchowk one of the highest settlement of the world at 4200m.
Day 10: Dho - Takshi (7to 8 hours walk) Visit Reboo Gumba where the local Aaamchi traditional centre is located
Day 11: Takshi - Danigar (8 hours walk) Cross the Numala pass at over 5000m. Lunch at Numala pass high base camp.
Day 12: Danigar - Yak kharka (6 hours walk) Lunch at near Bagala pass. Cross the Bagala pass at over 5000m.
Day 13: Yak kharka - Ringmo (5 hours walk) Lunch at ringmo. Observe the surrounding areas.
Day 14: Ringmo - Rest (rest day sightseeing). Observe the surrounding areas Monasteries, Phoksundo lake, Kanjirowa mountains, experience Bhotiya culture. See water fall
Day 15: Ringmo - Richi (4 hours walk)
Day 16: Richi - Sangta (4 hours walk)
Day 17: Sangta - Dunai or Jufal (walk Sangta to Dunai or Jufal) Trek from Dunai to Jufal (3 hours )
Day 18: Jufal - Nepalgunj Morning flight from Jufal to Nepalgunj. (35 minutes)
Day 19: Nepalgunja - Kathmandu
Day 20: Kathmandu shopping or rest
Day 21: Departure